CAPTCHA Talks Smack, Robot House Tweets, Conservatives Critique Palin Pick


- Blogger Meggie Poo unsubscribes to a random retail e-newsletter ... and its CAPTCHA calls her a whore. O_o

- Some members of the maverick Mad Men twitterati are affiliated with We Are Sterling Cooper, which "[catalogues] the conversation around AMC's Mad Men and its fanbase across the social web." Thanks @AmandaMooney.

- Speaking of fake Twitter characters, meet @S.A.R.A.H., an artificially intelligent house from the Sci Fi Channel's Eureka. Created by Fallon.

- Facebook calls a Washington Post reporter "MUFFIN TOP." Every time she logs in.

- Metrosexuals, meet gastrosexuals. They can be male or female, they cook and look hot, and apparently clothing is optional.

- VeeV fails at organic brand evangelism, tries seeding fake feedback. Sigh. Do we need to learn this lesson again?

- MoveOn is distributing a video in which two Conservatives, Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy, criticize McCain's appointment of Sarah Palin. The word "bullshit" is tossed around somewhere in there, too. Well, what else is new. Update: In a declaration in the WSJ, Noonan says "sorry I blurted my barnyard ephithet [sic]" and overwrites to compensate. Thanks Dario at Invoke Media for passing on the info.

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Captcha gave me a confession the other day...

Posted by: Paul McEnany on September 4, 2008 1:24 AM