Direct Mail Musing, Infiltrating McCain, Toothpaste Autopsies, Ironic Artstuffs


- GI Direct hopes to inspire direct mail marketers with Creative Formats, a visul muse that makes direct mail seem rad as scrapbooking. Search by feature, format, market sector or size of run.

- goes behind enemy lines in hopes of, I don't know, making McCain implode. Meet Billy Mires, bus driver of the "Straight Talk Express." He'll pass on charming yet ironic factoids like how John McCain invented the BlackBerry.

- The anatomy of toothpaste. What you see at left is Colgate Total Mint Stripe. Was it Andy Warhol who said art is whatever you can get away with?

- Tracie Egan of the Jezebel blog is getting married. Somewhat in her honor, Public School Intelligentsia compiled a list of the Top 5 Sluts of All Time. #1 will make you cry like a widdo widdo poosy.

- The Renegade Agency Confessional got us into Brandon Bird, who converts cultural satire into damn-near sublime works of -- dare I say it? -- that stuff Andy Warhol was talking about. You know. ART. Check out "No One Wants to Play Sega with Harrison Ford." See other posters. (Warning: Christopher Walken is heavily represented and objectively awesome.)

- Coca-Cola is running ads on Wizzard Media's podcasting network for Halloween Horror Nights" at Universal Orlando Resort. I have no idea.

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