For Mere Pocket Change, 'East Touch Magazine' Lets You Into Its Pants


From September to October, Levi's "Live Unbuttoned" campaign invades newsstands and 7-Elevens in Hong Kong.

Agency TBWA\TEQUILA partnered with East Touch Magazine to outfit its next issue in miniature 501s. Mag-lurkers will literally have to unbutton the jeans just to finger a copy. Bonus points if you can fit in them!

There'll also be a guerrilla effort in Causeway Bay, where customers can experience the "Live Unbuttoned" campaign live and, uh, unbuttoned, which I think just means they'll be able to try jeans on in a tent. (I'm hoping there'll also be a lively music component. Chinese gen-yers love free music -- who doesn't? -- so it would make sense if Levi's also promoted its free music downloads there, too.)

by Angela Natividad    Sep- 2-08   Click to Comment   
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the bigger story, steve, you fool, is that the strategy and line for the campaign line and the main body of work wasn't done by the ghost ship that is bbh new york.

and that levi's are looking for a new model in the US and are not far away from making it a reality.

i think you should rename adrants. maybe something like adwanks would be better. more reflective of you and your views. you stodgy old monkey.

you haven't reflexively shit on in a while maybe that could be your next post

Posted by: west coast on September 4, 2008 2:42 AM