'Heads' Brings a Little Bit of Art to Advertising


"Heads," an ad where people around Los Angeles sport art instead of faces, brings Magritte to mind -- in part because the images echo certain work of his, but also because they share a muted texture and feel. "Heads" is subtle and almost unsettling.

The tagline, "Getty. It stays with you," weds imagery to action. By M&C Saatchi for The Getty.

A nifty word from creatives Ron Tapia and Dennis DiSalvo:

We're big fans of almost any American film made in the '70s and in a lot of those movies, you'd get to see Jon Voight or Meryl Streep or whoever walking down a real bustling city street with real people.

They'd shoot the actor with some massive zoom lens from a block away so the people wouldn't notice the camera until they already had the shot. It gave the movies a reality we'd love to see more of and it seemed a fitting way to experience some of the art in "Heads."

A simple idea that doesn't shout, and that happens to be well-executed. Bravo to Tapia and DiSalvo.

by Angela Natividad    Sep-15-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Good, Promotions, Television   

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