Man's Obsession With Breasts Harnessed For Good Cause


Just what is it with man's obsession with the female breast? OK, that's a stupid question with no logical answer and attempting to assign some sort of intelligent explanation would be a pointless endeavor and an embarrassment to man(and I do mean man in this case)kind. So let's not and just enjoy these two new Partners Film-produced breast obsession-related commercials from Toronto's John St. for Rethink Breast Cancer's Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign.

One spot highlights the classic elevator scenario in which an attractive woman enters an elevator and gets "the look" from a guy who appreciates her assets. In another spot, which is anachronistically set in the fifties or sixties, is presented as a classic educational clip on how to properly ask a woman where a man can buy the t-shirt the woman is wearing...without being lude and getting slapped around by a women with cone shaped breasts.

Once again, the tried and true strategy of breast obsession for a cause has done its job again. If ever an alien were to attempt to analyze why two globe shaped objects which hang from the chests' of the female half of the human race cause such an intense reaction to the male half, that alien would surely turn around and go home out of pure frustration and the realization any species so obsessed with one particular body part is better left to its own undoing.

by Steve Hall    Sep-17-08   Click to Comment   
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