Agency Brings Birth of an Idea Analogy to Life in Video


Perhaps due to the embarrassing Subway video debacle that likely caused every agency to crawl back into its self-promotion shell for fear of nasty public retribution, videos highlighting the internal workings of an ad agency have been few and far between. Ending this reign of fear and daring to expose itself to the industry at large, Atlanta-based Moxie Interactive is out with Birth of an Idea, a video which turns a classic analogy into a fairly humorous look at the reality of giving birth to an idea. Yes, the video does go there.

In the video, creative dude, Dave, comes up with an idea, gives birth to it and then watches, helplessly, as his precious idea is bastardized by account service (love the cute AE), the client and general group think...never a good combination when it comes to nurturing great creative. And yes, this has been done before but we like Moxie's...uh...moxie.

by Steve Hall    Oct-20-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Good, Video   

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