BB Plugs Celebs, Droga5 Bags Method, Mountain Dew Abbreviated, Frequent Hooker Miles


- Among its minions, BlackBerry brags about celebu-users. How very AmEx. (Props to Adrants reader Atif for this.)

- Droga5 becomes agency of record for method! Kick-ass.

- The McCain campaign asked YouTube to stop taking down its campaign videos. (The videos purportedly violate copyright because many contain snippets of music that the campaign did not have permission to use.) And YouTube was all, "Bitch, please." What, McCain? You're all for Joe Plumber but can't pay licensing fees?

- Timberlands are nature's shoe of choice. Birkenstock, eat your heart out.

- Zack and Miri Make a Porno -- every PR rep's dream?

- Pepsi overhaul. Gotta say, I don't think rebranding Mountain Dew to "Mtn Dew" will improve sales, although it'll definitely save ink. Also: Diet Pepsi drinker? Must be a grinner.

- Amsterdam's shutting down the infamous red light distrinct. How do you get a hooker to stop hooking? "Whore miles" they can redeem for designer clothes or furniture. Srsly...?!

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