Bulgarian Ad Objectifies Woman, Reduces Her to Pair of Melons


Belgian born Peter Forret, who recently took a trip to Bulgaria, noticed an ad campaign for Mastika, an aphrodisiac used as an ingredient in mixed drinks or in the yogurt drink Ayran. He remarked the standard of advertising in Bulgaria appears to be far different than that of his home country, Belgium.

The print campaign employs visuals of scantily clad women foisting their curvaceous features towards the viewer. A commercial has two guys ogling a girl who passes them by on the beach and casts a shadow on the sand suggesting a figure of, shall we say, larger than normal proportions. Sadly, the commercial employs the tired, much over used male arousal tactic.

One commenter on YouTube writes, "tacky commercial!! they don't need to put 2 dummy guys with an erection experience at the beach..this shows a bit that Bulgarian girls are REALLY HOT but the guys look like shaved barbarians!"

Calling into question the appropriateness of the ad, another writes, "she has very nice booty but i don't think this is appropriate because there is [are] children and young girls who watch TV. What signal is this sending for our children. .. that SEX SEX SEX is.. .. everywhere."

Translated by a YouTube member, the commercial reads:

"This one's OK too" (referring to passing-by lady)
"Look at this sun shining, we could really use a cloud (mastika mixed with water creates a cloud)"
"I've got a better idea"
"And if this isn't passion!"
(to girl) "They are so ripe!"
"And juicy!"
"Then, give us one each!"
- Mastika Peshtera, passion on chrystals. (Ad slogan)
"Now that's watermelon season"

The ad is terrible, of course, and would never run in America. It's one of the more objectifying (and apparently gleefully so to its creators) ads we've ever seen. There are ways to appropriately appreciate female beauty. This is not one of them.

by Steve Hall    Oct-14-08   Click to Comment   
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Това е вид реклами Трябва да видим повече; невинно удоволствие! Никъде няма никого, описващ инсулт или самоубийство като страничен ефект или скрита пласиране на продукти за производство на тютюн. Без тази невинна културните различия и големи пъпеши evrywhere Борат какво ще трябва да направите, хе?

Posted by: Артър on October 14, 2008 2:03 PM

Glad my Bulgarian grandmother isn't alive to see this!

Posted by: RSPR on October 14, 2008 2:42 PM

"an ad campaign for Mastika, an aphrodisiac used as an ingredient in mixed drinks or in the yogurt drink Ayran. "
You know, I'm amazed how you could make 3 (three) mistakes in a single sentence and then rant on about them...
Wel, obviously you can, but then your rant just loses any credibility.

Posted by: Netsurfing Bulgarian on October 14, 2008 7:13 PM

what exactly are the mistakes? it is an ad campaign. It is an aphrodisiac according to reports. And it is an ingredient in mixed drinks. Explain.

Posted by: Steve Hall on October 14, 2008 11:26 PM

I'm a Bulgarian and I'll be the first to admit this ad and the whole campaign is just disgusting. As an advertising professional, I'm more than sad there are still a few agenciesin my country that generate this type of tasteless and offensive crap.
However, there really is a mistake in the piece - Mastika is not an aphrodisiac, but an alcohol drink similar to Greek Ouzo. The mix between mastika and ayran (yoghurt stirred with water) is not some sort of medical mix, but an old Bulgarian cocktail.
I'd also like to point out that, although there are such bad examples, Bulgarian ad agencies do lots of good ads, too, and there are commercials for other European markets done by Bulgarian professionals.

Posted by: Vassilena on October 19, 2008 8:36 AM

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