Celebs, Scribbles, Gap Try Stimulating Youth Vote


What better way to get self-conscious Millennials to the ballot than with a bunch of celebs being gratuitously cool, slightly ironic and occasionally almost (but not quite!) deep?

Look, look, it's Bill Maher in a blazer, prattling about elitists. It ends with "Vote for BBQ" -- except BBQ is written in a Mad Libs sorta way, so you know the "vote for" is open to whatever motivation, however bizarre or irrelevant, you've got.

Because hey, that's democracy.

Also see:

o Vote for The New School (featuring the Cool Kids)
o Vote for Voting (featuring Norman Lear)
o Vote for Those Who Can't (featuring Kristen Bell, almost unrecognizable when she isn't shooting lightning out of her fingertips, or saying something bitchy)
o Vote for Building a Better World (featuring Cameron Sinclair)
o Vote for Freedom of the Press Pero (featuring Perez Hilton)

By CAA and production company Superfad. More at Gap.com/Votefor. Not profound, but still gratifying. Makes me feel sort of good to live in a country where voting's a choice, and we get to decide, even if we're not always happy with who makes the final cut.

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