Josh Hartnett Does the Giorgio Armani Fragrance Thing


From SelectNY and Anonymous Content comes this new commercial for Giorgio Armani's Diamonds for Men. The ad features Josh Hartnett doing what people like Josh Hartnett do in fragrance commercials; drive classic cars, dress classically, work the crowd at a retro Hollywood event, act like a star and, well, say nothing.

Hey, this is fashion advertising. We don't actually need to be told anything. We just need to feel. To feel the brand oozing though our pores as if it were an integral part of our body. To feel as if we were Josh Hartnett with a bevy of beautiful women in evening gowns ravenous for our fame and fortune. To feel as if our life, simply by using a particular brand, is miraculously transformed into a fantastical, dream-like state, unfettered by daily annoyances only common folk experience.

Yes, this is fashion advertising and, unfortunately there is absolutely nothing real about it. It's a complete lie told boldface by brands who think people will believe their lives will dramatically change simply by using a particular product

by Steve Hall    Oct- 3-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Celebrity, Commercials   

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