Luhrmann Promotes 'Australia' by Promoting Australia


You probably know Baz Luhrmann by reputation, if not by name. He directed Strictly Ballroom, a tribute to the art of dance; Romeo + Juliet, his altar to the written word; and Moulin Rouge!, a garish but dazzling musical homage to pop culture.

He's just completed his latest film, Australia. I don't know much about it, but -- here's an interesting twist -- he's promoting it through a tourism gig.

DDB Worldwide -- which represents Tourism Australia -- tapped Lurhmann for its "Come Walkabout" campaign, which is technically for Australia but also for Australia. In the debut spot, a mystical (and naked?) little boy encourages a stressed woman to defect from her unraveling life.

"Sometimes we have to get lost to find ourselves," he whispers as she sleeps. "Sometimes ... we gotta go walkabout." In scenes to follow, she and her estranged lover are reunited by the sensual, childlike thrall of Australia. Tiny copy describes the transformation: "She arrived as Ms. K Mathieson, Executive VP of Sales. She departed as Kate."

Come walkabout, the ad whispers in conclusion.

It's cheesy but it works, a trick Luhrmann habitually plays on a jaded culture. I like it, in part because there's so much of him in it. He's spent most of his career blurring invisible lines -- between film and Broadway, cinematic storytelling and the written word, high culture and pop culture.

In "Come Walkabout," I'd say he brings tourism -- a wince-worthy market driven by cheap gimmicks -- to a worthier place. The spot doesn't attack us with shots of Australia's landmarks, or with swanky tourists laughing and clinking glasses. It moves slowly; it captivates.

It also turns a common problem into a character-driven narrative: why do we forsake our well-being for jobs that demand more and more of us? A vacation (to Australia!) brings stressed professionals back to equilibrium -- and back on a first-name basis, absolved of titles, with loved ones.

See Steve's take. (He's also got a link to the second ad.)

by Angela Natividad    Oct-13-08   Click to Comment   
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This was a, dare I say it, beautiful advertisement. Man I want to go to Australia! I really liked how you said "it moves slowly; it captivates" a great summation and so different from the normal (think Carnival Cruiselines) commercials.

Posted by: Brett Tilford on October 13, 2008 4:37 PM

Its wonderful to read these very positive comments about our ad campaign! Yep, its Tourism Australia here. Just wanted to make a quick correction to Angela's piece. Tourism Australia linked up with Baz Luhrmann for this project earlier this year, before DDB had won the tender for our global creative. DDB has produced the print and online portion of this campaign but the TVCs were produced by Lurhmann's Bazmark Inq. Oh, and the campaign is not for the movie. We have a whole series of other promotional activities running aorund the world that will leverage the movie, but this campaign is pure tourism. There's no mention of the movie in any of the creative. If you want to know a bit more about the strategy, go to our website Thanks! Rachel Crowley

Posted by: Rachel Crowley on October 13, 2008 6:46 PM