My Snowboard is the Centerfold.


Four Playboy playmates hit the slopes -- in the buff! -- on a set of limited-edition Burton "Love" snowboards.

Moms with kids are predictably unhappy -- and, just as predictably, a youngish guy with Alex Bogusky hair goes on the record with a nonchalant "They're just naked bodies."

by Angela Natividad    Oct- 7-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Packaging, Racy   

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People are sooooo going over board over what a graphic on a snowboard. I think that people aren�t look at the whole picture & are only seeing what they wanna see which is a little more skin then they would normally see on a snowboard graphic. Burton put pictures of a girl on there Love 2009 snowboards something which was done in a very tastefully & creative way. Burton�s two shredders who came up with this concept were thinking from a guy�s point of view one which I agree with & don�t see it as victimizing women in any way. People need to calm down a little & stop taking everything so seriously. It�s a snowboard & yes people will see them on the sloped this season & season to come but whatever have you seen the skis with the haft naked women on them. Yes that�s right Burton is not the first brand to do this. These women/playmates are being portrayed in a classy way & I would love to hear what these women have to say about the entire situation going on since it is them on these boards.

Posted by: Burton 80 on October 28, 2008 12:10 PM