Poltergeist Pondered, Obama Games, Men Prefer Sex Over Internet


- AdFreak's Tim Nudd notes some think if DirecTV's Poltergeist commercial is in bad taste given that Heather O-Rourke who played Carol Anne died in 1988 at age 12.

- This BBDO-created Guinness commercial in which refrigerators are magnetically drawn to a Guinness truck is quite good.

- Here's eight steps to writing in narrative format which sells.

- Gamepolitics reports team Obama placed an ad inside the Xbox game Burnout Paradise. The game's maker, EA, will neither confirm nor deny whether or not money changed hands for the ad or if it's simply great Photoshop work.

- Weird.

- Copyblogger says stop looking for inspiration.

- A high percentage of men 18-34 day they cannot live without the internet but when pressed in a Break Media survey, 74 percent would rather have sex than use the internet.

by Steve Hall    Oct-14-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Games, Research   

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