RTCRM Wrings Sweat Out of Agency Creatives


Creatives hitting the vending machines at RTCRM might be accosted with a smorgasbord of aluminum signs, each with a military-style message demanding, in some short shouty way, that they beat their own bodies into a pulp and do a great deal of sweating.

This is part of RTCRM's six-week "extreme exercise" boot camp. Creatives meet at 7am, twice a week, to groan and sweat with fellow languid-limbed chums.

Must be interesting for morale. You never quite look at someone the same way once you've seen where their sweat glands are most active. And an approach like this is infinitely kinder than firing people for smoking.

Employees that finish boot camp get to -- wait for it! -- vote for the best T-shirt concept. Ooh. Aah. Here's some, sporting tees and doing one-armed push-ups. And here's all the signage (and, in some cases, shirtage):

o Advertising Stinks
o The Ass You Kick May Be Your Own
o We've Got the Biggest Guns in Advertising
o Pass Out on K Street and Feel Good About It
o Like Gym Class Without the Wedgies

Boy. I can smell the sour, damp cotton from here.

by Angela Natividad    Oct-28-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Campaigns, Good, Promotions   

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