When You Make That Transaction, Be Sure to Wear A Condom


"Go all in - but play it safe" so says the copy on Ladbrokes-branded condom packaging. Ladbrokes is a Swedish gambling company which decided to hand out condoms as a promotional item. Another version of the packaging reads, "Don't play with fire - Play with us!"

Ladbrokes' Andreas Gillberg explained the thinking behid the promotion, saying, "We came to think about the fact that condoms - just like Ladbrokes - is all about safe transactions. Just like our games, it's about excitement and safety at the same time".

Interesting. So sex is just a "transaction" in Sweden? Hey, we're all for casual sex but we like to think of it as a bit more meaningful than a poker bet.

by Steve Hall    Oct-28-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Packaging, Racy, Strange   

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i wonder what % of promo/off brand condoms get used. i would imagine that given what jimmie hats are made for, that people would likely stick with a brand they know/trust as opposed to a free giveaway..

then again, maybe the promo items are not meant to be used in the primary function, just as objet d'art

Posted by: MHB on October 31, 2008 10:55 AM