Battle of the Agency Bands

With help from the disarming Alice Anda (and the kind indulgence of Massive's Cassandra Nuttal), ad:tech's blog crew crashed last night's Battle of the Agency Bands, a Guitar Hero party sponsored by Massive.

Suited up like charming schizophrenics, agency bands played a random Guitar Hero song for a crowd composed of their own cohorts. I wish I could attach the agency name to each of these videos, but we were in and out in two shakes -- too quickly to info-gather. One of them is MediaVest; and creatives from Ogilvy performed, but I didn't catch footage.

More, more, more:

Bangin' stage presence:

The requisite boa:

As an added bonus, DMC of Run DMC was part of the panel of judges. Here's evidence of him confessing his undying love for me:


Or not. The (rough) conversation:

Me: "Why is everyone taking photos with you?"

DMC: "I was in a band."

Me: "Which band?"

DMC (humble throat-clearing): "Run DMC."

Me: "Raaaad." (Moment of quiet admiration.) "How'd Massive get you to be a judge?"

DMC: "Oh, I know someone ... who knows someone ... who knows someone."

Me: "Do you even play video games?"

DMC: "Nah. My son does though. You?"

Me: "No. But I've always been fond of Tetris."

DMC: "I love Tetris!"

Catch more of last night's photos -- including footage from the Eyeblaster party and ChaCha's happy hour -- here and here.

by Angela Natividad    Nov- 6-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events, Sponsorship   

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