For the Unloveables on Your List.


I have this cousin, Dave, who spends every Thanksgiving prancing around and telling everyone to get him gift cards from a strict selection of stores, otherwise "I'LL RETURN YOUR PRESENT AND CALL YOU CHEAP!" after Christmas.

Seriously. We're in our mid-twenties and he still does this.

One year, to curb expenses following a rabbit-like baby boom, the family held a Secret Santa and I was unfortunate enough to draw his name. After ferreting me out with admirable speed, he spent the next three weeks SMS-bombing me with potentially awesome gift options.

When the holidays roll around, there are few things I want to do less than shop for Dave.

The Ungiftables by Cafepress is a site for exactly these people. Who's the bane of your list? Critical Mother-in-Law? Emo Nephew? Flip-Flop Wearing Liberal Activist Uni Brat?

Struggle no more. Click on any of these prototypes and use a sliding dial to specify how much you're willing to spend. (The dial auto-slides to the middle, which is annoying.) Based on this paltry criteria, Cafepress will provide you with a bizarre customized array of options. (Here's the present it chose for Critical Mother-in-Law. Yes, that apron says "Born to Brine.")

Nice thinking by Mojave Interactive for Cafepress -- which gets to unload all that unsellable crap that would-be T-shirt makers left for dead, while we get to, um, unload emotionally.

Oh, yeah. If you wondered what I ended up getting Dave for Secret Santa, struggle no more. He still gets really pissy about it -- which, for me, is priceless.

by Angela Natividad    Nov-26-08   Click to Comment   
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