National Geographic Sends Ad Blogger on Journey of Impatience.


Okay, maybe I a idiot. Pretty sure I know my way around an Xbox/PS3, but this Exploration Week site by Arcadium for National Geographic felt like it took too long to get in and just start playing. That's me though, because I've always been an impatient gamer. Screw the start-up mission short film sequences: I wanna blow stuff up and I wanna blow it up now. The site reinforces the theme of exploration, lets you customize things, and the Flash work is great. My gripe is bigger picture: Why does it seem like the one thing the internet has failed to deliver on is a gaming experience on par with the real world? While a lot of that rhetorical has to do with bandwidth issues, the Matrix-Borg Second Life OMG Experience® we've been waiting for hasn't materialized yet.

Maybe it'll be included in the release of Web 5.0.

by Bill Green    Nov- 6-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Games   

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