Wednesday an Eye Blasting Arena of Massive Guitar Hero Action


While not as busy as Monday or Tuesday night, Wednesday at ad:tech New York offered up quite a few things for ad:tech attendees to do after the day's panels ended. Wine Library's Gary Vaynerchuk gave a "motivational speech" to several hundred people at The Volstead but it didn't turn out quite as planned. Even with a few hundred people there to hear Gary speak, the club refused to turn down the music in favor of serving the eight people in the club not associate with the Mashable event.

Gary, ever the resourceful one, was not to be deterred so he asked the crowd to follow him out to the sidewalk where, on a milk crate, he gave his talk to those who chose to stay. Gary never lets a road block stand in his path.


Before the Mashable debacle, ChaCha held an event right after the day's panels ended in the Hilton's Bridges bar. Several hundred attended and were treated to free drinks. After a long day at a conference, who can complain about that? Right and no one did.


Massive sponsored the Battle of the Agency Bands held at Hudson Terrace. Several bands battled for the coveted title by showing off their Guitar Hero skills (yes, these were "fake" bands, not real one) but the highlight of the evening was hanging with Darryl "D.M.C." Matthews McDaniels who was one of three judging the battle. Photo opps ensued.


Once everyone had their fill of D.M.C., we all headed to Arena where, every year, eyeblaster holds its award show and the Nanninator shows up to heat up the dance floor. It's always a good party but it always ends too early. So right around 11PM after the awards are over and everyone has had a few drinks and begins to hit the dance floor, the club plays some sort of signature cowboy tune, raises the lights and everyone is ushered out.


We could have dance for 2-3 more hours. Or watch the Nanninator dance. Or have a few more drinks (which we'd be happy to pay for on our own after the open bar closed). But no. we had to go to Marquee again to work off pent up dancing needs. We're not complaining.Just making a friendly suggestion:-)


Akamai held an event at the IAC building, apparently a very cool place. We wouldn't know as we never made it to the event. There's only so many places one can be. and, apparently, it was more important to have "dinner" at a random diner where some kind of music video or commercial was being shot. The diner was filled with wires, lights, camera, photographers and a cadre of women dressed in African garb who, on cue, broke into song which, oddly, did sound like something that could be used as a jingle in a commercial. Who knows. We may have been present at the filming of next year's greatest Super Bowl spot.

As always, the photographic goodness is here.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 6-08   Click to Comment   
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(*scans collection for next caption contest gem*)

Posted by: bg on November 6, 2008 4:52 PM

Steve, give this Missoura boy a break. They only give me one twangy tune per party. And it didn't even slow the Nanninator down.

Thanks for coming and making The Eyebalster Awards a must attend party every year!

Posted by: John Haake on November 7, 2008 10:02 AM

Oh it was all good;)

Posted by: Steve Hall on November 7, 2008 10:54 AM