FirstBank's Cop-Out Gifts Help Stingies Save Scrilla


To prove how far it's willing to go to help you save, FirstBank encourages holiday spendthrifts to snap digital photos of its ads -- and repurpose them as presents.

The idea's a lot funnier than it sounds. At left is an outdoor ad with a generic piece of art, which you can photograph, frame and pass on to unwitting (or undeserving) family members.

Other cheapskate gifts include a star adoption certificate (which we're actually thinking of using) and a homemade jam label.

Each ad ends with helpful steps for re-gifting, and the slogan, now imbued with a delectable tongue-in-cheek quality (so rare in banks!): "We're here to help you save."

St. Buffett would beam. The work -- by TDA ADVERTISING & DESIGN -- will appear in Colorado, California and Arizona.

UPS did the "re-gifter" thing too this year. Instead of making its ads reusable, though, it took the social media approach: letting users pass on crappy gifts they received.

by Angela Natividad    Dec-15-08   Click to Comment   
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