Lincoln Gets Touchy with Regis and Kelly


In yet another TD Bank ad featuring Regis and Kelly, Abraham Lincoln shares his (angsty, angsty!) feelings about being the face of the mostly-worthless penny.

Kelly -- who lacks the social delicacies to perceive this might be a dangerous topic -- seizes this opportunity to tell the audience that TD Bank loves pennies so much, "they'll count them and convert them to dollars for free."

At that point Lincoln snarls, "Yes, it always comes back to George, doesn't it," before stalking off the stage.

What a little Moody Marvin. But it's probably best that he blew up early, before anybody could get around to mentioning that awkward "assassination" thing.

Work by TIERNEY COMMUNICATIONS/Philly. In past efforts, we've seen Regis take pop therapy from TD Bank's cozy green chairs ... and Regis, still doing the therapy thing, this time as a puppet.

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It doesn't matter how bad Kelly's ads are, i'll always smile and listen because it's her :)

Posted by: TaraMetBlog on December 28, 2008 3:23 PM