Breakfast Cereal Club, Sam L. J. Pushes Broadband, Cuts at Ogilvy


- Jack Morton Worldwide, Almighty, Weber Shandwick and Google join Citizen Schools to help kids succeed.

- Which Dog are You?

- "They only met once, but they stayed crunchy forever."

- Sam L. Jackson fronts for Virgin Media Broadband.

- "Fast casual" wha...? McD's training film.

- UK's Benylin is in the dog house for using ads to teach people how to call in sick.

- DreamWorks, SoBe, Intel and NBC are putting together a 3D ad for the Super Bowl.

- How social media improved lives in '08. Seriously.

- New Starbucks drinks. None of them looks like an ass-saver. Anthony Bourdain says one symptom of a failing restaurant is when their menu turns into a Lazy Susan.

- Ogilvy cuts. 300-plus?

- Free Dr. Pepper finally finds its recipients.

- Death by Tetris.

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