Scion 'Samples' Puts Individuality Back in Play


In '07, Scion seduced us with dark wit and gothic charm. Then, in '08, the company took an unexpected sharp turn down Lackluster Lane, barraging us with "limited edition" cars and other cheesy gimmicks.

(By way of explanation, a company rep said Scion's Little Deviants effort -- where "sheeple" are violently attacked by imps in custom cars -- upset a few crucial people.)

Aaaaanywho, last year Scion launched "United by Individuality," a mediocre campaign that makes poor use of agency ATTIK's creative capabilities. The "United by Individuality" tagline returns to us in a fresh effort called "Samples," where Scion tries reclaiming some of the cool it lost in '08. Prints here.

In accompanying :30 spots for the xB and tC, use of the cars as vehicles for expressing individuality is promoted, slot machine-style. A mashup of noise in the background, the lovechild of some derivative tone-deaf DJ, clarifies the target market: new drivers on a budget.

To be fair, the ads bring Scion somewhat nearer to the brash but playful love-us-or-fuck-off persona we've come to associate with its models. We can't wait until it fully shakes off the PC police -- if it ever does.

"Samples" xB:

"Samples" tC:

by Angela Natividad    Jan- 8-09   Click to Comment   
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