Shiny Happy Relay Puts Olympic Torch in Canadian Hands


"Carry the Torch" is an animated cause spot meant to encourage Canadians to "Create a better Canada." The song is called Shiny Happy Relay; lyrics appear below. (It is such RetroJunk fodder.)

A TotalWork effort developed by BBDO/Toronto and Proximity/Canada, the spot depicts RBC's "Arbie" character kicking off the Torch Relay in the top half of the North American continent.

Canadians that feel the fire can register at, enabling them to take hold of the actual Olympic torch as it crosses their borders.

The Shiny Happy Relay song:

Make a pledge
Carry the torch
Make a pledge
Carry the torch

Walkin' down the street I see a lot of things
I can do to make things better
Coach a team and lead with pride
Using my bike when I need to drive

For me and you
Making the pledge can make dreams come true
For me and you
Using less water is what we'll do

Yeah yeah (2 times)

Let's get together and plant a tree, or
Let's use the sun for our energy

For you and me
Let's do some good in our community
For you and me
Lead the way so everyone can see

For me and you
Create a better Canada is what we'll do

by Angela Natividad    Jan-30-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Cause, Events, Online, Television   

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