Skittles Loses the Plot.


In the latest of its "_______ THE RAINBOW, TASTE THE RAINBOW!" ads, Skittles gives us the perplexing "Tailor." In it, a guy gets measured for a suit in front of three mirrors, each of which reflects a man of a totally different ethnicity. (One viewer felt this approach represents the "different perspective" each mirror brings to your life. Uh ... hrm.)

Anywho, one reflection pulls out a pack of Skittles and starts poppin' them. "Wait. I'm not eating Skittles," the customer protests, at which point the tailor starts shouting at the reflection in Thai.

Odder still, the reflection responds in Tagalog. "I'm hungry," he complains pathetically. "I'm hungry, I haven't eaten yet."

His boss delivers another Thai rant, the guilty reflection kicks the mirror in, and the tailor turns back to the client, laughing a smarmy cover-my-ass kind of laugh.


Just another strange brew by TBWA\Chiat\Day\NY. I started out really offended (what, Skittles, you think all Asians click the same?), but the more I watched, the more stupidly appealing it seemed.

Skittles as brainwashing device. Wouldn't be a far cry from Skittles as steroids.

by Angela Natividad    Jan-15-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Bad, Brands, Campaigns, Commercials, Television   

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