Virgin Atlantic: Still Red-Hot After All These Years


To celebrate Virgin Atlantic's 25th anni, "Still Red Hot" brings us back to June 22nd, 1984, when London's Gatwick Airport changed forever.

On a day that would otherwise be forever defined by a miner's strike, Virgin Atlantic's premier crew of red-clad flight attendants broke the mundanity with their bitch-watch-me walks and winning smiles. A revolving ticker overhead ties fiction to fact: Virgin's first-ever flight route, VS001 to Newark, is ON TIME.

"I need to change my job," one guy says decisively.

"I need to change my ticket!" the other replies in perfect time.

The spot's punctuated by awesome retro throwbacks, including a gigantor Zack Morris cell phone, the Asteroids arcade game, kids playing Rubiks cube, synthesized music and '80s hairstyles. It concludes with a side shot of the Virgin Atlantic plane, complete with classic pin-up girl and tagline: "Still red hot."

Sizzling. We wanna make like the photographers flanking Cyndi Lauper's doppelganger and dash like pups after those jalapeno-red patent leather heels. Riveting revisionist history by agency RKCR.

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That is quite awesome.

Posted by: Sonya on January 6, 2009 11:14 AM

Fantastic Advert Really Well Put together!!

Posted by: Darren on January 6, 2009 7:04 PM