Adidas Takes Up 'Real Women' Torch


Failing to observe this approach has already been mined dry by Nike and Dove -- among others -- Adidas launched "Me, Myself," a girl power campaign that rings like a modern-day sports riff off celebrated femme manifesto Our Bodies, Ourselves. The campaign release, for example, is heavy-laden with buzz words like distinctive, inspirational, individuality, confidence and -- our favourite -- intimate portraits.

WNBA MVP Candace Parker lent her face to the in-store/online program. Members of the fairer sex can submit "real" stories about their training struggles and successes on the website (where incidentally, you can also "mix and match outfits"!); three entrants will become the face of "Me, Myself" alongside Parker.

Parker synopsized the effort thus: "[Me, Myself] celebrates women of all ages and athletic abilities and shows that despite our struggles we can achieve our impossible."

Guess that's somewhat more productive than eating your feelings.

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I have to say ALL of these ads reek of that movie What Women Want, with Mel Gibson. You know, the scene where he does the women's campaign for Nike? AND that was back in 2000!

Posted by: Wisey on February 2, 2009 4:38 PM

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