Extreme Makes Its Mark in the Snow


And it's neither hot nor yellow. To spread the word about sports channel/athletic lifestyle brand Extreme, London-based CURB conducted what it calls a "branding blitz" all over the city of Big Ben.

You may have heard it snowed in London on Tuesday. That same day, CURB decided to use this fresh white slate to Extreme's advantage. By late afternoon, 350 high-profile locations were slathered in more than 2000 Extreme logos.

We've seen this type of effort before, where a city is "branded" via street stencils or stickers. But we were still impressed with the speed of concept development, approval and deployment: a couple hours, more or less, to act on the rare snow day.

Says Anthony Gajou of CURB: "We were thrilled for Extreme to give us the go-ahead so quickly as it meant that we had the chance to get out there almost immediately. This has NEVER been done in London before - mainly because it rarely snows - and we wanted to be the first to do it."

So props to Extreme for letting its agency run with a spontaneous idea. It certainly also helps that the medium and energetic nature of the execution were relevant to the brand persona.

by Angela Natividad    Feb- 4-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Guerilla   

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