Parents Recall How Their Parents Talked -- or Didn't Talk -- Drugs


The Partnership for a Drug-Free America enlisted Avenue A/Razorfish to help it talk to parents about talking to their kids about drugs, I guess because the Patsy angle didn't go over so well. (Actually, this probably didn't either.)

Don't Sound Like Your Parents is the fruit of this partnership. It plays with out-of-touch parental camp ("You don't need drugs for excitement -- you can help me dust!") but it's also really candid. (Video reels depict Boomer parents that generally meant well, but for the most part failed to adequately deliver the drug talk. But hey, like the sex talk, it's a tough topic to scale.)

Other features of the website include a Parent's Guide to the Teen Brain, a Parent Toolkit, and a Stay Hip section that essentially just serves as email list bait. Parents/kids are also invited to share their "tales of awkwardness" w.r.t. how the drug talk was delivered to them.

Good delivery. The site's also really cool: hover your mouse from left to right to scroll vertically across the page. Hovering over the sub-nav at the foot of the page makes the bottom pane *whoosh* up and down, for no apparent reason. (I guess to give you more wall space.)

Still cool though, and almost no laggage. More on the campaign -- which will be supported with offline media -- here.

by Angela Natividad    Feb-25-09   Click to Comment   
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