VW Sends Earnest Junk Bond Traders to Rehab


As the economy struggles out of the hinterlands of recession and Just General Suckiness, Volkwagen takes advantage of the French's irresistible inclination to remind the world it knew better all along.

Witness while a group of compulsive junk bond junkies try ridding themselves of their nasty addiction. Think AA, except with tailored suits instead of flannel.

Our favourite is "Exorcist," possibly because purging unregulated capitalism is the closest we'll ever come to watching a businessman give birth: "SUBPRIME! Dol-LARRRRR..."

"Yes" is pretty funny too, mainly because it never gets boring to watch unhinged psycho-superiors let loose on their easily-cowed underlings. (The success of Steve Ballmer as a media icon is a testament to this theory.)

Each spot concludes, "When times get tough, switch to safe values. VW Golf: 13,900 euros."

Directed by Tim Godsall for Agence V; production company Les Telecreateurs and Biscuit.





by Angela Natividad    Feb-17-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Commercials, Television   

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