Zappos Invites You to Step One of its Boxes.


The Ad Store just sent us a plethora of new Zappos spots for spring/summer and fall/winter 2009.

"Step into Zappos" picks up where "Put a Little Zappos in Your Day!" left off. The latter featured a chipper delivery guy bringing sunshine and rainbows to a neighborhood; these spots riff off the glee infusion you get when you finally open that package.

Underpants-clad customers are pictured either standing in a Zappos box or walking into one. Putting on their best Vanna Whites for the camera, they either reveal their purchases or lift the box over themselves -- at which point they are suddenly transformed into fully-dressed Citizens of Society.

It's slower-moving, but a lot like the early iPod Shuffle ads where clothing and individual changed to the rhythm. Levi's also did this with its Dangerous Liaisons spot, where changes in clothing and hairstyle represented different decades.

So the stunt's a classic, but one that's historically served good masters well. In the case of Zappos, it may help turn the online big-box (with heart!) into a household name for impulse shoe buyers of tomorrow. Think Amazon. Or hell, think Ross in the '90s. (Except friendlier and less dirty.)

A full :30 spot:

And here are some :15 ones.

More here.

by Angela Natividad    Feb-11-09   Click to Comment   
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