By Gad -- a Bra that Demands Creativity!


We're not really sure why something like the Doodle Bra should exist -- much less why you'd want to graffiti your lingerie with friends, or under the watchful eye of Proud (and Copiously Botoxed?) Mom.

What we do know is that the Doodle Bra is real, tantalizing us with its Chinese convenience store packaging, mocking us with its generic markers and broad selection of stencils.

Here's an encouraging thought: someone out there is getting rich this way.

Priceless pitches from the press release:

DOODLE BRA creates positive responses entertaining and engaging young ladies and girls while meeting the needs of essential under garments and providing a way for self expression at the same time.

The DOODLE BRA allows the customer to maximize their spending power by receiving happiness and entertainment for the value of purchasing the necessary garments alone.

The DOODLE BRA non-toxic washable markers, custom designer stencils, and DOODLE BRA Idea Booklet provide the tools for redesigning the garments over and over again for countless uses of pleasure and happiness.

The DOODLE BRA kit also provides the customer the ability to design this garment to match their existing outfits without having to purchase separate items.

DOODLE BRA is currently offering the bra package with the complete line of boutique items including: Camis, Panties, Boxers, Briefs and other garments soon to be available.

For bonus points, take a shot every time you feel just a smidgen stupider. By the time you get down to here, you should be salivating to buy one of these bad-boys. Good news! They're on sale for $9.98.

by Angela Natividad    Mar- 4-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Packaging, Strange   

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well when i first had to start wearing them, i was mortified. Maybe if we'd done something strange like this in girl scouts, it would have helped in a twisted way.

Posted by: meg on March 5, 2009 10:56 AM