Ford Touts Fuel Economy in New 2010 Fusion Ads


Tonight during American Idol, Ford will debut three JWT-created commercials for the new 20120 Fusion. Two of the three ads focus heavily on fuel economy while the third touts the Fusion's voice-activated SYNC which allows the driver to, among other things, tell the sound system what music to play, who to call and get directions from the navigation system

Among the two fuel efficiency-focused spots, one touts the hybrid version of the Fusion which is said to be "the most fuel efficient mid-sized sedan in America" at 41 MPG city. The other makes the same claim for the non-hybrid version of the car.

Creatively, the commercials are nothing special. They are squarely "just the facts, ma'am." Which, given the economy and other considerations, is a wise approach to take. Thankfully, unlike far too many recent commercials, they down address the downturn by name. We don't need any further reminder than the billion headlines emanating from news sources each and every day. Besides, American Idol is supposed to be fun. Who wants to sully pop start dreams with mundane reality?

Supporting the television spots are print and outdoor.

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