Sony Ericsson's Free Flowers Hawk Handhelds at Moms


Last weekend Sony Ericsson converted a number of London-based Carphone Warehouses into floral installations, where mothers could get free flowers in honor of Mother's Day.

The gig was a promotion for the W595 Sakura handset, which Sony's trying to position as "the perfect alternative 'floral' gift for Mother's Day." (The phone's outfitted with a cherry blossom design and is, in fact, quite festive.) It also hired a "floriographer" to school moms and kids alike on what flowers to choose -- and which to avoid -- on this most hallowed of holidays.

Top flowers to pick/avoid are below. For what it's worth, they illuminate the subconscious reason guys are always asking whether we like orchids.

And why would you give someone dead leaves?

Top 10 Flowers

Amaryllis - pride and beauty
Iris - warm affection
Stock - lasting beauty
Hydrangea - giving thanks
Lily of the Valley - return of happiness
Carnation - pure affection, woman love
Pussy willow - motherhood
Hyacinth - loveliness
Tulip - declaration of love
Cherry blossom - feminine beauty, renewal of life, first love

Flowers to Avoid

Arum - ardour
Dog rose - pleasure and pain
Narcissus - egotism and selfishness
Marigold - grief, despair, jealousy
Lime blossom - fornication
Orange lily - hatred
Hellebore - scandal
Orchid - word derived from the Greek word 'Orchis' meaning 'testicle'
Tuber rose - dangerous pleasure
Gypsophila - fertility
Grass - submission
Ivy - fidelity
Dead leaves - sadness
Tansy - I declare war on you
African marigold - vulgar minds

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