Vampire Staked, Coke's Morning After, Obama 'Supports' Turkish Commerce


- An account supervisor at Lowe in Zurich has asked us to yank a recent post featuring a vampire whose fangs are made of OB tampons. It's unapproved client work. (That means it's not running anywhere and, he says, it never will.) I guess this means God does exist.

- Quite possibly the most amazing brownies ever.

- Wisconsin rebrands. We're still not going.

- Coke Zero's The Morning After (always a promising title).

- George Parker says sorry for using one of his favourite pet names on Susan Bratton, but manages to get some pokes in about an interview she did with Julie Roehm. You remember her, right? No? Probably best.

- Obama's face for Turkish bank.

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Typical of the brand damage scam ads can cause. What prevents that image from now circulating the net, causing Johnson & Johnson to need to fire up their PR engines to put the fire out?

Posted by: Mark on March 17, 2009 9:23 AM

Lowe did some really fine work for the Milk campaign. So glad they denied the tampon sneeze was deliberate!

Forgot to wear the green! So, after reading that President Obama is a distant releative I warning: shameless self-propmotion linkage)added it to my signature logo for the day! -you do not want to go there, trust me.

Posted by: arthur on March 17, 2009 9:57 AM

HAHA, Loooooove the Coke Zero commercial!! These guys are really good in what they're doing, although I didn't know that Grey is the responsible agency. I wasn't the biggest fan of them to be honest but I take that back now...

Posted by: Michael Renner on March 17, 2009 11:33 AM