Sexist Pots/Pans Spot Upsets Australians


We had to laugh when we saw this spot for Madison Avenue Cookware ("The only thing that cooks better ... is a woman!"), which uses an old-school sexist tenor to push its shiny pots and pans -- the perfect after-hours treat for a tired lady.

The piece aired in Australia after CEO Roger Hudson of Madison Avenue Products concluded the tone "worked very well for us in America."

"[Women] respond well to traditional values," he remarked, a perfect picture of certainty. "If we ignore hairy-legged feminists for one second, research has told us that women do actually love cooking and they do actually love keeping their man happy. It's in their DNA."

But don't get all pissy-pissy just yet; this isn't really about pots and pans. It's actually a promotion for a TV series near and dear to the hearts of romanticist ad men everywhere. A quick visit to the Madison Products website lets the cat out of the bag from that first beat-drop.

Saucy stuff by US Sydney -- and, in a scary way, hardly a far cry from how homemaking products are marketed today. (Seriously. WTF is this?!)

by Angela Natividad    Apr-29-09   Click to Comment   
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Ha, I had to laugh a bit at this. As a woman myself I still found it quite humorous. As an actual sales pitch its not the best of ideas only because although this is an old sexist cliche, woman are proven to cook more which means woman are more likely to buy the cookware but not with this slogan. A good laugh is always needed.. especially when it comes to cookware, how serious can you be?

Posted by: Betsy on April 29, 2009 9:19 PM