Werther's Party Line.

"Hey Steve, what's up. Nah, just wanted to give you a heads-up on where I'm at before you guys get back. Trying to finish up a Werther's Caramel House Party thing. No, yeah, the grandfather chocolate people. From like the 80s, yeah. They're doing some kind of house party chocolate women thing this Saturday. No, just like housewives and shit for a girls' night in, but yeah, strippers and hot caramel takes it places too. Huh? About 15,000 people signed up so far.

No... not in one place, all over the country, like 1,000 different parties. For real. Dude, I'm serious. You get together and eat chocolate. And...? No, that's it. Yeah, they have a website. Had to Google the Werther's one because they didn't include it in the release, just a general host site that went nowhere. Yeah, I know, same shit, different release, right? Yeah, I hear ya. Wish they told us sooner. Heinken could've at least sponsored a Guys Run As Fast You Can Night or something. So yeah, if I don't get around to running it, can you guys finish it? Thanks. Later."

by Bill Green    Apr-24-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Announcements, Events   

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