It's Not Prince Charming You Need; It's a Really Good Plan B.


UK moms reportedly have their panties all in a bunch because of an over-the-counter morning after pill*, Levonelle One Step, that positions itself as "The One."

See ad here. It kinda reminded us of the French AIDS ones except less raunchy -- although there were a few Kodak moments, like when the condom splits over the heads of the sleeping couple, and grinning sperm fly out like a harmless school of fish.

The tagline is simply "Levonelle One Step. The One" -- which some huffy parents argue "trivialises a very important issue" (pregnancy).

But isn't it more trivializing to pretend like accidents don't happen? We've been a-shopping for Plan B more than once; and while we'd hardly call it a dignifying experience, it's still smarter than waiting to see what the luck of the draw has in store.

Let's face it: most of us aren't looking for "the one," per se; we're looking to not get screwed over by Life, which has occasionally been known to wield a steel spiked ass-paddle.

Work by Milk, the agency happily -- we imagine -- lapping all this negative attention up. Production company Brand New School is responsible for the animation, which it hoped would be "empathetic, feminine and sophisticated" while still "imperfect, a little rough around the edges." Pretty work; the music drives us a little batty though.


*The morning after pill is a supersized dose of progesterone that you can take up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. It's obviously not as effective as regular birth control, and it's often confused with RU486, the abortion pill. (Not the same thing, man.)

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