'Kingons' Invade Planet for BK Swag Cups ... and Nipples.


Just in time to ride the hype, Crispin Porter + Bogusky launch this geektastic Burger King spot* with a Star Trek spin.

The piece promotes Star Trek cups, now available for a scant $1.99 at Burger King. Collect them all ("before the Kingons do!"). Also, wear a metal breastplate.

Rate the ad at Creativity Online, the pub that asked the question we couldn't (with a straight face, or sober):

So, Trekkies and non-fans, what do you think? Cool movie related swag promo or the abominable result of someone putting the King and Commander Worf in a dark alley with sexy results?

"It's much more gimmicky than it is clever," replies one "xanabella" in the comments. And while we have to agree, we appreciate that Crispin keeps its finger firmly planted on the pop culture pulse. The spot weds Klingon aggression to the King's natural creepiness in a way that seems ... fated.


*Thinking: this is what life could be like if, by the time we're 30, we're still getting torched in our parents' basement with Once-Cool, Now-Overweight Bobby from high school.

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Kingons rule!

Posted by: Average Joe on May 9, 2009 2:54 PM