No H8 Fails to Knock Prop 8 Off Podium


Last year California passed Prop 8, which bans same-sex marriage within the state. The months preceding its formalization were trying ones for our gay friends in the Sunshine State; one of them even scanned freeways in pursuit of Prop 8 signs to vandalize.

In the months since, the climate surrounding Prop 8's gotten feverish. Fresh faces are leaping onto the revocation boat with the birth of a new campaign, No H8, advocated by duct-taped and facepainted social celebrities like Lacey Schwimmer, Perez, B. Scott, Calpernia Addams and Tila Tequila (at left) -- whose A Shot at Love series was labeled the first-ever bisexual dating show. =P

Yesterday California's Supreme Court released its decision about whether to uphold the controversial law. We found out this morning that it remains intact, which means you can expect a few demonstrations wherever they can be organized. I'm also pretty sure the aforementioned celebs will be tearing the tape off their faces and going on blast.

Worth noting: same-sex marriages that occurred before the ban will still be recognized, but try saying that at a cocktail party full of Evangelicals.

Behind-the-scenes vid for No H8, and more photos, are available at the campaign website.

by Angela Natividad    May-27-09   Click to Comment   
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Evangelicals don't attend cocktail parties unless they are sure other Evangelicals who might recognize them will not be in attendance.

A long running joke in the South is "Name 2 places a brother from the Church will never recognize another brother". The answer is the liquor store and the casino.

Posted by: Jeff on May 27, 2009 2:26 PM

"our gay friends in the Sunshine State"

Er, that would be Florida, not California.

Posted by: Oldster on May 27, 2009 4:15 PM

I, a straight male, marched in support of gay marriage because it is legally and morally indefensible to rescind a right by popular vote once it has been granted and because I stand for Love In The Highest.
We were led by our brave Christian pastor, who is not gay but nevertheless fully understands the meaning of Love In The Highest and therefore she joyously affirmed it to us all.
Her denomination does not support gay marriage and threatens any minister who performs them with being defrocked. She rebelled and performed many gay marriages, both at our church and elsewhere.
When she was brought up for inquisition, with unflinching defiance she declared, "I stand for love, so take your best shot".
Because she was aglow with the Holy Spirit, her inquisitors backed off.
Ultimately, Love In The Highest will always defeat hate.

Posted by: Captain Ronnal on May 28, 2009 3:16 AM