PA State Yields Glimpse into Life of Another PA -- Peter Arthur.


It's not often we're impressed by a tourism campaign, particularly for a state like Pennsylvania, which hasn't exactly wowed us with its past initiatives.

For PA Tourism, Red Tettemer rearranged the PA Stories effort it launched late last year. Now, instead of courting campy tales from real Pennsylvanians, "PA Stories" promotes the misadventures of one Peter Arthur, an ordinary Pennsylvanian whose two defining characteristics are a two-man scooter and his unrequited love for a red-headed waitress, who once served him some amazing shoofly pie.

If the look, feel and plotline vibe suspiciously like Garden State, we don't blame you; judging from the PR folks' eagerness to position this as an "indie love story," it was probably more than a little inspired by the slice-of-life indie film genre.

But Red Tettemer's going all the way with it: Peter Arthur's life is detailed in four webisodes at, and a :30 trailer for the initiative debuted during American Idol in NYC and the Philadelphia DMA's. This week, lucky Manhattanites were also offered shoofly pie by the RT guerrilla team.

View the trailer above. Acts I, II, III and IV appear on the PA Stories website. The work includes an original soundtrack by the Taylor Brothers -- one of which is CD Todd Taylor at Red Tettemer. o_O (We know you're rolling your eyes at the whole CD/wannabe rock star trope, but the music's actually pretty catchy. If so inclined, swoop tracks up on MySpace.)

Users compelled by the passion and intrigue of Peter Arthur's passionless, intrigue-free life can also enter to win a PA getaway. Flannel shirt and duct-taped moped headgear not included.

by Angela Natividad    May-14-09   Click to Comment   
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