Pleasantville Meets Stepford Husbands in 'Veckatimest' Debut Vid


Even before sparks start flying out of their heads and orifices, there's something unsettling but unnamable about the four attentively-groomed men (or are they boys?) in "Two Weeks."

"Two Weeks" is the first single off Grizzly Bear's new album Veckatimest, and it's circulating the blogosphere to drum up promotional love for the band's music. The track has a dreamlike nostalgic quality, Jens Lekman-esque, which heightens the surreal appearance of the men before you: are their eyes just a smidge too big? What is it about their hair that seems disturbingly unnatural? And is it just me, or are their smiles ever so slightly psychotic?

Never seen anything quite like it: the camera eye focusing on the faces of four guys, sitting still but utterly captivating. Who'd guess you'd find so much in a face? And if there's ever a doubt about the weird menace that seems to linger just below the surface of their porcelain flesh, you'll feel mighty validated when their eyes start glowing red and their heads ignite.

Production team The Directors Bureau developed the piece, under the direction of Patrick Daughters. Love out to Shots Mag for passing it on; we're sold on the song, and on Grizzly Bear too.

by Angela Natividad    May-28-09   Click to Comment   
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