These Brides Ain't Doin' Much for the Institution of Marriage.


If the Religious Right thinks gay marriage is destroying the culture of wedlock, they're clearly not regular Bridezilla watchers, which does to marriage what My Super Sweet Sixteen did for debutante parties: make sane people extremely reluctant to have them.

The ad for Bridezilla's latest season was put together by Filter Advertising. To the soothing tune of Unforgettable, brides of all shapes and sizes throw tantrums and contort their faces into cruel shapes you couldn't even imagine exist in nature.

All for the perfect realization of that most sacred of vows.

See? This is why we should just stop taking the ceremony so seriously and all do themed weddings. That way, if everything goes horribly wrong, you'll at least have a light saber handy.

by Angela Natividad    May-15-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Promotions, Television   

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Don't forget "Hitched or Ditched". To protect marriage, we should be fighting this kind of thinking. If couples are at a point of "marry me or get lost" they have no future together and shouldn't get married to begin with. They will surely be divorced in a few years. This is destructive to marriage not allowing any two individuals who truly love each other to marry regardless of gender.

Posted by: David on May 15, 2009 2:04 PM