Mullen Heads For Bright Lights, Big City


Today, Mullen is celebrating its relocation to Boston. The agency has left behind it's posh mansion in the suburbs and opted to do the high (low) rise thing in the city. I've seen the agency's offices in the mansion. Very sweet. I can't wait to see the new digs in Boston and I'll be making a trip to do so in the next week or two.

You can check out all the move goodness on the agency's new website. Agency client New England Aquarium is sending over a penguin to greet the employees and Boston's Mayor Menino was on hand to cut the ribbon.

"I'm delighted to welcome Mullen and its employees to Boston and I want to thank them for recognizing the value of doing business in our city," Mayor Menino said. "Mullen's move places them in the heart of our downtown, steps away from the new Rose Kennedy Greenway, and in the middle of a growing cluster of marketing agencies. The addition of 300 professionals to Boston's creative economy is a win for the city."

For several years, I worked at a suburban agency myself. Not Mullen but an agency in the shadow of Mullen and one which was eventually bought by Mullen. The whole work in the suburbs thing is very different. Very strange. But you get used to it. Even the part where you have to get into your car just to go have lunch or, well, do just about anything else.

No doubt, Mullen employees will rejoice at being in the city. No more trips into Hamilton for lunch. Downtown Crossing will have much more to offer than the North Shore Mall. And they can sleep on the train to and from work rather than deal with route 114, 128, 133, 127, 1 and 11. Yea, I lived there for a while, guys.

Hmm. One just hopes the MBTA adds a car or two to handle the extra 300 people commuting into the city each day.

Oh and since Boston will offer an endless supply of culinary delight, did you guys leave behind the Mullen cafeteria or did you bring it along to reduce gastrointestinal withdrawal?

Check out the new space on the agency's Flickr stream.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 1-09   Click to Comment   
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Humm I bet they are glad of a long commute in a busy train......

Posted by: Murray on June 1, 2009 5:20 PM