Radio Wants You to Ride on its Twitter-Powered Disco Stick


On the way to the Mullen new office open house party in Boston, we sampled some radio, a medium we haven't listened too much in years. After listening to Kiss 108 on the ride in and the ride out, a couple things are clear.

Twitter, mentioned no less than three times (in both programming and commercials) in a 30 minute period, is now mainstream. East West Mortgage is asking people to follow them to keep up to date on the latest mortgage rates. An LG phone commercial couldn't gush enough about how one of its phones was "Twitter enabled." Even a car dealer mentioned Twitter to, well, we're not really sure.

The other finding? Radio still sucks. The playlist was nearly identical - in the same song order, no less - on the way in as it was on the way out. It's too bad DJs have been relegated to mere announcers who nothing whatsoever to do with song choice.

Oh and how exactly would you explain this Lady Gaga song, which, of course, we heard on the ride in as well as on the ride out, to your seven year old kid? Nothing against the subject matter but when Matty in the Morning preaches the "family-friendly" focus of the station, we'd imagine a few moms and dads might not want to have to deal with little Tommy asking, "Mommy, what's a disco stick?"

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Bad, Radio, Social, Strange   

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