Soften Their World -- Before They're Too Big to Fight Back.


We've heard it said that we'll always be about five or six years old in the eyes of our parents -- no matter how much we accomplish, how old we really get, or where on our bodies our hair starts to grow.

Which is why this campaign for UK-based Fairy hits home in a manner both awkward and charming. Each spot depicts a generic Gen-Xer getting infantilized by his mom, who despite old age (and complete senility?) hasn't lost any of the maternal instincts she possessed in the prime of motherhood.

"Can you see your rubber ducky? Can you find it?" Mama asks as she invades Middle-Aged Kid's alone time in the tub. (Never mind why he's still at home; the economy answers that question. Why is he still taking bubble baths? YES, we are totally judging.)

"It's right here, mom," the guy says -- carefully, like he's dealing with a feral animal.

"You're so smart. You're such a good boy!" Mama praises.

The scary thing is, scenarios like this aren't that unrealistic. We experienced one of many firsthand on a recent sojourn back to the Land of Mom and Dad. Their post-pubescent myopia is discomfiting, but also sweet.

The tagline follows, "You can only baby them ... when they're babies." (Though as demo'd above, for parents this will never really be true.) Ads -- featured below the drop -- are for Fairy's non-bio, ultra-delicate laundry soap for babies.

Funny, creepily appropriate work by Leo Burnett/Toronto.

o "Rubber Ducky":

o "Pen Cap":

o "Pee Pee":

by Angela Natividad    Jun- 9-09   Click to Comment   
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