Three Wolf Moon Madness, Tinseltown Jailbait, YouTube XL


- Why you should buy the shirt at left. (No, it's not a Greenpeace thing.)

- Tetris' 25th.

- Keg party on Twitter. May be a mite warm, though.

- What tacky-ass Kiss needs to do is show women trying to type with those acrylic French manis. Not so sexy when your E's and I's keep turning into 8's and 3's, are they?

- 10 examples of how crowdsourcing is (possibly) changing the world.

- Tinseltown jailbait.

- Very Funny Ads is a glowing testament to the following truth: it's not that people don't like ads, it's that they don't like shitty ads. Embrace it.

- This is kinda saucy: YouTube XL makes your favourite amateur vids deliciously watchable over big TV screens. (V-v-via.)

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The only thing that could be better than actually knowing a man who runs with the Three Wolf Moon shirt would be standing in front of a whole sales rack full of them at discount designer clothing superstore, Loehmann’s…
Seeing all of them bursting with potential, smelling the muskiness of the fresh transfer ink, knowing they could be had for up to 65% off the prices found elsewhere.
I would buy one for all the men I know and use my Gold Club card for even more savings…it would be Shopping Nirvana…

Posted by: DivaDiscount on June 4, 2009 2:12 PM

It even comes with a free sticker that says "Feel the Power." A great, great shirt. I haven't taken mine off since it arrived 5 days ago.

Posted by: Edward on June 4, 2009 3:51 PM

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