Yes, Stella Even PILLAGES Prettily.


The cool thing about Stella Artois is that it maintains a semblance of flair without ever forgetting it's still just a beer.

"Pirate Paper Boat" takes place somewhere French Riviera-like. A woman fails in her attempts to flag down a waiter for a Stella Artois Legere; an entirely-too-suave dude, separated from her by the breadth of a fountain, witnesses her distress and sends her his Stella in a paper boat.

It'd be a charming little piece if the ad stopped there. But it doesn't. They call it "Pirate Paper Boat" for a reason!*

Response on YouTube has been mixed, given that that whole crowd is schizophrenic anyway, but by and large it's 5-star material by Mother/London and production firm Hungry Man.

Big thank you to Ben Kunz at Thought Gadgets and to @thompulliam for passing it to us.

Other Stella stuff we've liked lately include the Nouvelle Vague mashups -- which also reeks of Class with Sass! -- and the paper star holiday ad.


*It also confirms a long-held suspicion: that in the end, a lady doesn't want a white knight; she wants an asshole with a beard.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-18-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Good, Video   

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