North Korea On Its Way Towards Mud Wrestling Beer Babes


As quirky (by our standards) as a Japanese commercial, brewer Taedonggang has launched North Korea's first beer commercial. The two-and-a-half minute commercial touts the beer as the new look of Pyongyang and that it will ease stress - not a bad selling point for a country which appears to have a lot of stress going on inside it.

And didn't we just read elsewhere the half a century old arrangement for guarding the DMZ was changing? Hmm. Add some beer to this and North Korea just might join the rest of the world and party right along with us. OK. That's a stretch but look what beer does for this country. Oh wait. On second thought, don't. It's not all that great.

Never the less and as history has proven, it won't be long before Korean women prance around in bikinis selling to beer to drooling, imbecilic men while mud wrestling catfight-style...along with a dose of Japanese game show oddity thrown in. Mark. Our. Words.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 7-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Opinion, Strange   

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