Zappos Orgasms, Mr. Six Back, Bono Double Dips


- A little overexcited Zappos fun courtesy of Meg Ryan.

- If you care, Spike would like us to know who the top ten ugliest rappers are.

- smashLAB's Eric Karjaluoto tells us about Blair, a newsletter with "strong insights for design studios on how to avoid begging for work."

- Six Flags' Mr. Six is back and we love him. Oddly, some don't.

- Check out Buffalo Wild Wing's new Night Hunger Monsterizer.

- Bono is a co-founder of Elevation Partners which put $435 million into Palm. He also shills as pitchman for RIM's Blackberry. Hmm. Conflict of interest?

- CustomAdArt lets advertisers post jobs on the site detailing the image they want and how much they will pay for that image. Photographers then compete to create the best image. Have at it, people.

by Steve Hall    Jul-27-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy   

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